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Powered by CNN, The Good Stuff is a newsletter for the good in life. Every Saturday, CNN brings big headlines that make you smile, plus stories of fascinating discoveries, everyday heroes, inspiring movements and great things happening right in your backyard. We jumped to 10,950 subscribers from one day of social media promotions and grew to 20,000 subscribers + counting from there.


Our editorial, audience development, and design team decided to divide the newsletter into sections. Traditionally, we have h1, h2, h3 and body styles that divide up each section, but we chose to add in a quick animation (GIF form) as a divider instead in hopes that it would delight readers and visually create a break from the walls of text.



I worked with the lead designer to create the motion elements that only used simple shapes and a limited color palette to convey each category. I also worked on brainstorming and creating illustration styles that would represent the general vibe of the newsletter and could be featured as the header image.

CREDITS: Kelly Flynn and Lansing Cai

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